A glimpse of God’s heartbeat

cos they were saying “upper rooooooom~”

Tonight’s Upper Room (R-AGE’s prayer meeting) was one kind of cool. We came with absolutely no agenda, and God moved like no other Upper Rooms we’ve had before. Perhaps because we came with no agenda, we came without any preconceived notion of what Upper Room should be like, we just came. Perhaps not knowing even what to expect. We just came. Seeking the Lord’s face and heartbeat for the ministry and our nation. We just came. 

“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

‭‭Acts‬ ‭2:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Perhaps tonight we caught a glimpse of what this means. Because we came.


Tonight my heart is full

REAL180 is a one month discipleship programme organized by R-AGE, our youth ministry, and has officially started last Saturday with a 3D2N camp. 

The Lord strangely impressed upon my heart to pray for one of the youths during service on Saturday. I didn’t know the young person before this programme and never had any interaction with this youth before. I went to pray for this youth and the Lord showed me things about this youth’s life. I prayed for the youth according to what was shown to me. 

There were several other occasions during the camp that this youth opened up and shared about the youth’s life and there were also several occasions that God prompted me to pray for the youth – very specific words/passages. I obeyed.

Every time I prayed for this youth, it felt like I was waging war together. My heart strangely pains and breaks for this young person every time we prayed together. And tonight after J333, I had another opportunity to pray for this youth.

This time, the youth came to me and asked for prayer. Again, I saw a vision of the condition that this youth is in, and I prayed and it felt like I was waging war again. It’s a strange feeling – I never felt like that before when praying. 

I left church 40 minutes later than a usual J333 weeknight, and just when I thought I’d feel tired and exhausted, I actually left church feeling refreshed and good after ministering to this youth. 

I’m almost two months into my internship with my church, several occasions that I had to work late, but I haven’t found myself complaining about it. And I pray with all my heart that negativity will never come out of my mouth as I continue to serve God in His house. 

Just started teaching again

Just started teaching tuition again. 🙂

The first lesson just ended and I guess it was a good two hours. I was worried about many things before this day came. Worried that the kid will be too smart for me to handle, worried that the parents are difficult to please, worried that I can’t teach the syllabus~ but everything went well.. thank God 🙂

I think I love teaching tuition cos I get to have so much one to one time and interaction with the young person that I am teaching. But the only downside is I hate travelling to the tuition  place~~ but ohwells 🙂

I love young people


This young man here is my ex-tutee from three years ago. Met him today for lunch at Jem because he’s enlisting next Tuesday.

My impression of him is still the secondary school boy that doesn’t wanna study. Haha. But I guess as time passes, he’s definitely grown up. (:

When I first started teaching him, I felt there was something more to this than just teaching. I didn’t know what was the ‘something more’, I just did what I had to do.

3 years down the road, his mum still calls me to talk to me about things…and he still cares to share life with me. So I’d believe that the feeling of ‘something more’ is not from me.

After meeting him today, I realised that I still enjoy meeting young people. I like to hear about their lives and how they’ve been growing. I like to be a part of their lives and to be in a position of influence to them. Not just like, I think I love young people. (: