Three months as a working adult

Just as the title of the post says – I am officially three months into working life. I have been so caught up with working and doing that I haven’t got the time to sit and really think about the kind of life I really wanted after graduating from university. It’s been a long time since I blogged and what triggered me to feel like blogging was the wordpress notification in my phone. (haha..) I have the luxury to sit at my sofa right now to think about what to write because I kinda fell ill after the trip to Bangkok. Woke up this morning and felt so lethargic and lazy to go to work, but went nevertheless because I thought I had been on leave for too long (2 days) and it would be good for me to just go to work to clear my mails. So I did, and nearing lunch time, I felt kinda sick and decided that I should go see a doctor and get MC instead. I did, and here I am, sitting and thinking.

The past three months had its ups and downs. I must say that I really enjoy the people that I hang out with for lunch and Sporting Fridays normally, but my boss has really been a nightmare. I looked forward to going to work every morning, doing the things I do, meeting and talking to people, even attending meetings was something I could look forward to. But one day, my nightmare came and crash all these good things that have happened to me at my workplace. I mean…the good things still happen, but now it is really a chore to go to work. And I especially hate attending meetings because it’s such a waste of time. “Tiffany, please be there for the meeting at 2pm.” or whatever the time is. I mean..if I’m there just to make up numbers, then what’s the point really? “Oh, you can go there and learn and hear about things that they are doing..” Yeah, I’m sure.. Like c’mon.. Are you kidding me? Just let me do things that will help me to do my work better. Why should I bother about what others are doing when my own department is already !@#$%^&* ?!

Oh wells. Just hoping that things get better… or a better opportunity comes my way~


Workplace Ministry

I was excited at the thought of doing my attachment in the coming semester about 4 months ago.. it’s gonna be something different, getting out of school, away from the normal boring lectures.. well, it’s definitely gonna be great fun I thought.

After 2 months into it, I started to dread going to work.. there’s absolutely no motivation to go to work.. I have nothing much to do which makes things even worse.. but things changed that very day after finally deciding to go for lunch with my colleagues.

Even before IA started, I prayed that it won’t just be another internship opportunity, but an opportunity for God to reach the people that I will be interacting with. I want to evangelise at the very place that I will be placed in.

During lunch that day, I got to talk to this colleague whom I nickname Teddy (cos he really looks like it!). When walking over to the hawker, we were just talking about normal stuff, making fun of my sup cos he just got married…but on the way back, somehow, he shared that he went to church before and loves listening to the songs played in church! I was like “THANK GOD!” a door was opened for me to share the love of God in office, and when I invited him to my church, he even said he will visit someday by himself! Well, of course I told him that he could let me know if he’s coming so I can host him when he’s there 🙂

Indeed.. God is good. Imagine if I didn’t go for lunch that day, I would probably have never found out that he is opened to Christianity. Thank you SWJ for challenging me 🙂