A pretty typical Singaporean Christian Wedding

I’ve been procrastinating to write about our experience of wedding preparation and the wedding itself because there’s so much to write about and writing takes so much out of me. Oh, such pain… But I’m writing it because I’ve seen the need for couples who are preparing for their wedding to read reviews and experiences of people who have already gone before them. So here goes and hopefully this is helpful 🙂

You’re probably looking to find reviews on the vendors we’ve engaged but we thought that it was more important to share with you some principles that we’ve learnt from our wedding prep. So please don’t skip this portion!

8 Tips for Anyone Preparing for a Wedding:

  1. Decide on a budget and stick to it. Then find vendors that can meet your budget.
  2. Find a trustworthy wedding coordinator. This would really free you up to enjoy your big day.
  3. Don’t be shaken by the “market rates” of angbao money to give to your bridal party, the younger ones during tea ceremony, etc. Just decide between the two of you to give what is within your budget and what you are comfortable with.
  4. DIY wedding decor and invites. If you are not good with DIY, then get friends who are good at it! Not only will you save money, your friends also get to be involved in your wedding prep (ermmm… I’m assuming your friends are excited to be a part of the planning process.. haha).
  5. Include parents in the planning process. Which parent wouldn’t be happy to have their views considered by their kid? What more for their wedding! Find out whether they have any expectations especially if you are going to be the first in the family to get married. They would be glad to be part of the planning process!
  6. Ask for freebies! Regardless of which vendor you engage, don’t be paiseh to ask whether they can include complimentary items for you. That said, you’ve to think beforehand what are some items that you would like to be included in the package that you’ll be signing up for.
  7. Clarify and confirm if anything is unclear/unspecified. 
  8. Have fun! We can’t be more explicit than this. It’s once in a lifetime, so it better got to be fun! 😀

Now here are the vendors that we engaged for our wedding which happened in December 2016.

Bridal Package: Z Wedding
The rates that they offer are on the slightly higher end. We got ours at close to $5k including GST. Prior to meeting them, we did our research and were quite set on Z Wedding because I liked their gown designs and Lennard liked their photography. Then on one occasion when we were at the Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS), we had a pretty pleasant experience talking to one of the consultants (we are suckers for good service).  After showing us the range of gowns they had and some pre-wedding shoots that they’ve taken before, they went through the package with us. They added on to our package 2 sets of father’s coat, the traditional Chinese kua, and they were also flexible to give us whatever number of fresh flower boutonnieres that we needed. After discussing the package, he just left us to talk and decide whether we would sign the package with them. He didn’t pressure us like some consultants from other bridal boutiques would, and he really gave us an assurance that they could do a good job for us. Other than the price, we were actually quite comfortable with everything else. Nevertheless, we decided to sign with them. After we agreed to sign with them, the consultant went to have a chat with the guy in charge of photography and came back to us, and said that they would increase the number of pre-wed photos in the photobook from 20 to 30. Of course we were elated! But only to find out later on when we choose photos for the photobook that 30 is not enough. Haha.. Overall, we think that they provided a service that was proper and neat, nothing out of the extraordinary to rave about for $5k (haha..). Oh, and one thing which I think most BTBs would want is to take photos during gown fitting – that’s something that they didn’t allow BTBs to do. So if you’re particular about that, I guess this would be a no-no.. 🙂

So some tips for choosing a bridal package would be:

  • Ask for at least 35-40 photos to be included in the package. Don’t think they’d give anything more than that for any boutique.
  • Not necessary to choose bridal package that’s so high end because an average boutique would have more than enough gowns for you to choose from. Furthermore, my experience with Z Wedding when I went for gown fitting is that the staff would pick a few gowns for you to try, and because they are so experienced with the body shape of BTBs, more often than not, the first few gowns (in fact the first gown!) that I tried on were the ones that I chose in the end.

Photography: juxtapose pix
This photographer was recommended by a friend, who was first engaged by her older sister. And we never regretted engaging him for our wedding. He takes some time to deliver the final photos (I think it took about 2 months for us to receive our photos), so if you’re particular about that, either you can try negotiating with him or you’d probably choose another photographer that would be able to give you the photos asap. Some of our favourite photos from our casual shoot.

Videography: Chocolate Door
This videographer is a friend of ours. We decided to engage him not because he is our friend but because we liked his style of wedding videography (the videos we saw on the website). But we were a tad disappointed because we felt that our videos (the highlights and the final one) were not up to the standard that we saw on the website. We had a church wedding on Saturday and then a lunch banquet on Sunday. We were expecting the highlights video shown during the lunch banquet to really show the highlights that happened on Saturday but turned out that most part of the 3-minute video covered the gatecrash only. And for the final video, we were expecting highlights for Saturday and Sunday but turned out to be a 2-hour long video of every single event that took place from Saturday to Sunday. No comments to whether you should or should not engage him because the video that he did for the wedding on the week right after ours was so much better than ours.

Bridal Car Rental: Volkswagen

We rented our bridal car from Volkswagen. It’s pretty affordable $650 for 4 days. Click on the link above and it will bring you to the page with more details on the rental for wedding. 🙂

MuA for mum and sis: Team Bride SG

There’s my mum and sis who were recipients of Team Bride SG’s services. No complaints at all for the price we paid for.

If you’re wondering which florist or decor vendor we engaged, nope we didn’t engage any. We basically DIY-ed our decor for both days by conceptualising what we wanted and communicating our ideas to two of our lovely friends who coordinated the wedding decor for us. We bought flowers in Far East Flora @ Thomson Road, and bought most of our decor logistics from Taobao. Below are some photos of our wedding decor. Btw, we are renting out/selling some of the items so do leave a comment to enquire if you’re keen!

Ending the post with some of my favourite photos/moments 🙂

And last but not least, if you are a Christian couple, the most important thing to do is to pray. Pray for the wedding to be God-centred so that people would experience God for themselves at your wedding. And pray for your marriage because the wedding is just one day (at most two) but marriage is for a lifetime till death do you part. So pray. 🙂 We are very thankful to God for His providence in the entire wedding preparation, and good friends who made the preparation easier and the wedding day fun! 🙂 🙂