Stuck at Crossroads


Just met an old friend for brunch, and am sitting at Yishun Starbucks right now, chilling, listening to Kiss 92.0 FM and trying to do some FYP stuff~ I love this kinda lifestyle.. To meet old friends, sit somewhere to do what I need to do, yet at the same time be able to chill and relax.. 

Had a conversation with the old friend about my dream of going on a working holiday alone after I graduate, but which all seem so impossible because of parental objections and so many other things to consider.. then again, people will say “you only live once“. Yes, I only live once but does that mean that I do whatever I want to do and think later? I don’t know~ 

I feel that I am stuck at a crossroad in life right now. So many things I wanna do, yet I can’t see how they can come to pass. There are three things I wanna do when I graduate before I decide to settle down with a proper job:

  • Do a working holiday
  • Experience working in church
  • Experience the life of being a teacher in a normal Singapore school

God, open my eyes to see what You have in store for me when I graduate. These are just my plans, but I want Your plans for me more than anything else because I know Your plans for me are the best. If what I have planned are according to Your plans, then I pray that You will open doors for me because I really can’t see how these can come to pass with the situation I am in right now. 


Love the PERSON but not the deed

Finally met some of my friends today as school starts. Had a chance to talk to this friend, LcP, and I found out some things that aren’t exactly very pleasant about him.. 

When I found out about it, it felt like I was looking at him with judgement. I know I shouldn’t but I realised it’s a very thin line between hating the person and hating what the person did/is doing. Initially I was upset at my friend, the PERSON, but as soon as I realised I was in no position to hate/dislike the PERSON, I quickly tried to shift my focus to the thing that he did. God loves him and everyone else the same as a PERSON, but hates the very things that we do that are unholy/unpleasant in His eyes. 

Many times our leaders always tell us “Hate the deed but not the person” I guess today I’ve experienced it and it’s just not that easy to differentiate the two. 

God I pray that You will teach me to hate the deed but love the person just as You love them.