A new experience of doing redemption 

We went to Chinatown this afternoon to recce the place to see whether there were any #redemption opportunities. We had absolutely no idea where to go, no idea what to do, no idea how to do this, all we knew was we wanted to see redemption take place. We just walked around the place, praying and sensing the areas that we walked on… “This is so hard. Maybe the key to this is not to find a place but just to start doing it!” So we decided that we’ll just do it. 

Of course we were just like any other human – we were afraid! But what were we afraid of? I couldn’t find an answer to that. “Lord Jesus, help us! Give us courage!” And we went forth. 

“Uncle, 刚才看到你在推你的脚,是不是有哪里不舒服?” and our conversation continued from there, to finding out that he has cataract. We asked if we could pray for him to be healed of cataract, initially he was apprehensive, but eventually he agreed. So we prayed with him where he was (in mandarin 😱), and we tested whether he could see the POSB sign that’s about 10m away. He said he could see the POSB sign more clearly! (Though not completely clear) then he said “Wah! 你们很厉害嘞!” which then gave us the opportunity to testify that it’s God who has the power to do that and we were just mere vessels! 

We spent about an hour (I think) hearing from him, sharing with him, and most importantly, testifying of God’s power and goodness to him.

We’ll very likely be doing this again! So come talk to us if you’re interested to know more ie what happened, how did we feel, etc, and even better, let us know if you’re keen to join us on the next time! It’s exciting! 🙂 

Redemption is more than just about sharing the gospel; it’s sharing life and extending to others the love of God.


我们只想跟你们一起分享这份爱 ❤️

“We are a group of people that’s been greatly and deeply loved by God, and we just want to share the love with you this Chinese New Year.”

5 young adults envisioned giving some of the elderly in the vicinity of our church a more blessed Chinese New Year this year. We crafted out an idea, rallied youths and young adults to come alongside either in gifting food packs or giving out food packs, and the plan came to pass yesterday evening when 21 young adults came together to give out the packs that we’ve gathered.

We didn’t think that there would be many people who would gift, but we managed to gather close to 30 packs! (didn’t manage to get the exact number) Thank God! And we also didn’t think that there would be more than 10 people coming to give out the packs, but God is good! He provided us with 21 which was a pretty good number! And at about 6, it started to pour but thank God the rain stopped when we were setting out 🙂

So we gathered at church for a short briefing and prayer before we set out to give out the packs to the elderly. We went in groups of 3-4 to give out the packs to elderly who were living in the rental blocks near to our church.

We started out at about 8pm and came back together at about 9.30pm. We shared experiences when we gathered back and it was amazing that the elderly were open and receptive to us. Some of us even had the opportunity to spend some time sitting in their humble home to talk to them and pray with them. It warmed our hearts to see and know that they were blessed even with the little that we could give.

There were two highlights for me:
1) The uncle whom we caught coming out of his house to look at us even after we passed his house after giving the pack to him and talked to him for awhile.
2) The uncle who said “WAH! This toilet paper is good quality wan leh! We always go buy we know the price wan.. this one expensive wan!”

When we were going round to share our experiences, I was reminded of the YAYP retreat, when we went to the slumps in Indonesia to visit families and pray with them. The Lord opened my eyes to see the similarities between that in Indonesia and what we did yesterday evening. The slumps are equivalent to the rental houses in our context. And missions can start right where we are. Missions can take place wherever there’s need.

Lord, open our eyes to see the needs right where we are, open our hearts to feel what You feel about the brokenness right where we are. Lord, use us wherever we are to meet the needs of the least of these, that You may be glorified wherever we are.

You’re the God of this city 

The four of us went back to town again tonight, with heads held high, hoping to have some divine appointments like we had last week. But boy, we were so wrong. Tonight’s experience was nothing like what we experienced last week. AT ALL. 

After dinner at Cineleisure food court, we decided to go check out new ground – the skate park behind 313@Somerset. We were expecting a group of youths (people closer to our age) whom we might find easier to start a conversation and thereafter share the gospel to. On the contrary, it was pretty hard ground. A handful of them were skating and a pretty big group was sitting at the steps. The situation was pretty intimidating because there was only four of us – 3 girls, 1 guy – and most of the youths there were guys. We didn’t leave that place immediately. We sat down for awhile to analyze the situation, then we walked along the side of the skate park to exit and go to Ngee Ann City. 

When we left the skate park, we didn’t stop talking about how much potential that place holds. So we stopped by 313, just across the skate park to pray a short prayer to claim that territory for Christ Jesus. Then we continued on our walk to Ngee Ann City. 

Emotion check: by this time, I was already feeling abit sian. No mood, no feels already. 

Upon reaching Ngee Ann City, we settled down at the spot that we were at last week. It was already 9.30pm (I think) and I was thinking to myself “so late already and we haven’t even shared the gospel to anybody!” I was mega sian already. The only word on my mind was – FRUITLESS. All we’re doing is fruitless, useless. Nothing good will come out of what we are doing. Thank God for a discerning spirit to know that those thoughts were not from Him. I knew I had to speak and expose those thoughts before its tarts haunting me, so I did. Since it didn’t feel like there was much opportunity for the gospel to be shared, I thought we could just share how we all felt about this whole idea that we’ve started last week. 

So instead of trying, we spent the night sharpening instead. 🙂 then we decided to record some moments of what we’re trying to do, gonna share it and hopefully people catch a glimpse of what we’re trying to do. 

I thank God for the three of them. Thank God for the likemindedness and how we can identify with one another in the area of outreach and evangelism. 

Lord, we really don’t know how this is gonna work out. But if You’re calling us to do this and be faithful to this, give us vision so that we may see this through fruition. 

We go crazy (for Jesus)!

Two people rallied.

Dav and I were talking over lunch yesterday, and we found out that share the same heartbeat for outreach. In hope to try something new, we thought of a crazy idea (well, at least we thought it was quite crazy) to “busk” in town. Well to put it simply, it’s just singing in town to bless the souls who might pass us by. Needless to say, we got really excited and Dav almost wanted to go to town as soon as we ended our conversation! But we decided to rally some people to try this together. We tried to rally and manage to rally 2 other persons, Fen (she brought Pam) and Laine, who were surprisingly excited about the idea too! (Thank God for people who are easily excitable!) 

Five people tried.

So with that crazy idea and five crazy people, we met for dinner at Far East Plaza, prayed, and set off to a place we didn’t know where. I’m serious. We didn’t know where to go, only knew what we wanted to do. We just walked and walked and walked and walked (it kinda felt like when God called Abraham to go and he didn’t know where to go but went anyway. Haha)…. And a peculiar sight made us end up outside Taka – we saw three huge Samoyeds that are really beautiful! So that caught our attention and we decided to go towards that group of people there. 

We tried to settle down at an area near them and tried to start something but it all felt so awkward. Maybe because we really didn’t know what to expect and as Singaporean as we are, we are very used to structure. So a freestyle thing wasn’t really our style.. But we went ahead anyway. 

So Laine and I decided to just not waste anymore time and go to the dog owners and strike a conversation with them. A conversation regarding their dogs of course~ we managed to hold a conversation with them revolving around their dogs for almost 1.5h! There were so many moments we tried to bring in the gospel but it just didn’t feel right 😦 but thank God that Fen and Pam managed to share the gospel with the male owner! And we managed to extend an invitation to them to come to Watchnight tomorrow. So praying that God reveals himself to them tonight and bring them to watchnight tmr! 🙂

The couple left at about 10pm, and we continued hanging around to sing some songs for another 20 minutes, then we decided to end of the night by blessing an Indian family with “Feliz Navidad”. It was quite an interesting experience just to bless their souls with a simple song, and in hope that they will catch a glimpse of God’s goodness through that. 

Now we sharpen.

We’ve rallied, we’ve tried, now it’s time to sharpen the idea. Not sure how we’re gonna sharpen it yet but we’re planning to do it again next Thursday! Join us at the big space outside Takashimaya if you’re free and you have a heart for Jesus! 🙂