Arise, shine, arise!

I can’t describe how honoured and privileged I feel when a youth opens up and shares about his/her life. And today, another youth did just that. 😌

“Sis tiff, can you share with me more about how you got your full time calling?” the youth asked. I was like 😳 “oh ok. Maybe after this?” 

So we spent about close to an hour, me sharing about my journey and the youth sharing about what’s on the youth’s heart. It’s amazing. It’s amazing what God is doing and exciting that young people are desiring to serve God full time at this age. 

Lord, guard their hearts and protect the calling that You have upon their lives. 


Tonight my heart is full

REAL180 is a one month discipleship programme organized by R-AGE, our youth ministry, and has officially started last Saturday with a 3D2N camp. 

The Lord strangely impressed upon my heart to pray for one of the youths during service on Saturday. I didn’t know the young person before this programme and never had any interaction with this youth before. I went to pray for this youth and the Lord showed me things about this youth’s life. I prayed for the youth according to what was shown to me. 

There were several other occasions during the camp that this youth opened up and shared about the youth’s life and there were also several occasions that God prompted me to pray for the youth – very specific words/passages. I obeyed.

Every time I prayed for this youth, it felt like I was waging war together. My heart strangely pains and breaks for this young person every time we prayed together. And tonight after J333, I had another opportunity to pray for this youth.

This time, the youth came to me and asked for prayer. Again, I saw a vision of the condition that this youth is in, and I prayed and it felt like I was waging war again. It’s a strange feeling – I never felt like that before when praying. 

I left church 40 minutes later than a usual J333 weeknight, and just when I thought I’d feel tired and exhausted, I actually left church feeling refreshed and good after ministering to this youth. 

I’m almost two months into my internship with my church, several occasions that I had to work late, but I haven’t found myself complaining about it. And I pray with all my heart that negativity will never come out of my mouth as I continue to serve God in His house.