If there’s one thing I can do in 2014…

ImageI’m back in school, and sitting at my desk right now as I type this.. And just about less than 4 hours ago, I was at home and I must say that it was the most precious time I’ve ever spent with my dad. 

I was painting the remaining of my nails when he came over and sat beside me at the sofa. As usual, he started talking about politics, which led to him talking about his fingers (scarred because of army), and then he saw me painting my nails and even asked me to paint his pinky! I was like “Ok, cool.” HAHA.. Our conversation slowly led to him showing me whatever is inside his ‘secret box’. And I was taken aback when he said “See whatever you wanna see..” So I went ahead to see whatever was in there. 

Though it was a short time spent, that lil bit of time really brought back too much of the past. And that lil bit of time spent made me wanna love my dad more.. So if there’s one thing I can do in 2014, that is to love my dad more.. 

PS: this photo is perhaps the only photo that daddy is smiling~ he’s too cool in every other picture. 😉




Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. -Lilo & Stitch

Just watched this show for the first time in my life and I thought that it’s quite a good show to learn about family. I love Disney movies because regardless of what age you are, you’ll certainly enjoy it. 🙂

I enjoyed finding out how love changed Stitch – from a wild little crazy alien,  to a gentle loving human-like creature. I guess that is the power of love. Love, having the power to change a person into someone better.

This reminds me of the love of God. Human love can make a person change, what more the unconditional love of God? The unconditional love of God is certainly the most powerful. Not only can it cause a person to change, it causes the person to change to become more like Jesus. Food for thought.