This week has been a tiring week. Grandma was admitted into KTPH and she’s still not waking up after the operation. It’s been very difficult and very trying. I have never ever prayed so hard in my life. Her condition keeps fluctuating…

I have an event this weekend.. But I don’t even know if I’m in the right condition to go and do what I am tasked to do.. Safety officer… Touch wood if anything happens, I really think I will breakdown and this is not gonna be effective at all.. I know it’s kinda emotional but I’m just telling the truth about how I feel.. I don’t want my condition to spoil the event either..

Can’t really think now.. Just hoping in God that Grandma will wake up.. She promised me she will wake up.. She did.. And she’s never broken her promise before.. I choose to believe that she will keep her promise this time also..

If you happen to read this, please keep my grandma in prayer.. Pray for divine healing.. The doctors have done all that they can do, it’s really up to God now.. Pray that her brain will not swell.. Pray for a miracle to happen..

God, we are fully dependent on You and are relying on You to heal her now.