Life as a Recruiter

It’s been some time since I penned down my thoughts like this, and I’ve always wanted to start doing it again but the inertia is simply too high. Even as I am doing this right now, my fingers are typing away but my head keeps saying “stop”. I personally hate to write, and don’t think that I write well, but I am a firm believer of penning down thoughts and reflective moments, and don’t mind sharing it with people whom I don’t know, really, because I believe that everything can be a blessing and encouragement to someone that happens to read it.

So…yes. Life as a Recruiter. So after I left SportSG, an opportunity came by to work in a recruitment firm. Many things happened in the short stint of 6 months.. Many things that I never expected myself doing nor happening to me.

The number one thing that I never expected myself to do was: CUSTOMER SERVICE. Yes, you read it right – Customer Service. I still remember very clearly I said it when I was in Secondary school that I will NEVER EVER be in the customer servicing line. And little did I know that I’d be doing that some 10 years later. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every bit of the recruitment process, but the concept about customer service is something that I haven’t quite grasp. I mean I can be nice and all to the people that I meet everyday at work, I can be very professional, but I really don’t see why I need to provide “customer service” to them. I cannot stand myself whenever I hear myself trying to convince the candidates to take up the job that had been offered to them. I cannot stand myself when I have to try to appease the clients and candidates, when sometimes it’s obviously not my fault that certain things happen.

But of course, working in this line the past 6 months has been VERY HUMBLING. It’s a humbling experience for several reasons:
1) I get scolded by clients and candidates yet I cannot retaliate.
I don’t like getting scolded. Ok, who does anyway. But I think it’s definitely harder for people like me to get scolded and yet not retaliate because I grew up learning to defend and speak up for myself, if I am not in the wrong. So being scolded for not doing anything wrong was one thing that I cannot comprehend and accept.

2) Consultants who are relatively newer doing better than me. 
I have always been very competitive since young. Even with my own sister. I need not be the best among my peers, but I definitely cannot lose out to my juniors. Well, that’s me. So when I saw consultants who were more junior but did better than me, I felt a tinge of bitterness.

3) Everything in this job is ever-changing. 
I need order. I need a plan for everything, and everything has to go according to plan. So when I realised that nothing is constant in this job, I almost went crazy. I had to find my own order, but no, I couldn’t. When you think that you have managed the candidate well and are quite sure that he/she will take up the job at the end, you are wrong because nothing is within your control whether he/she decides to take up the job at the end of the day. Nothing was constant.

The above three things are my weaknesses; but now when I think back, I can only thank God for placing me in such a character-moulding environment. I hated being scolded by people for nothing, but Jesus experienced the same or even worse. I didn’t like losing to people younger than me, but I’ve learnt to rejoice and celebrate others. I cannot tolerate disorder, but what is consistent other than God? I’ve learnt to adapt and work around things, I’ve learnt to trust God even more in the past 6 months because He was my only constant when everything else was not.

And there’s one last thing that I want to testify:
I had a pay cut when I came here – close to $500 decrease. But God is so good. At the end of the 6 months when I calculated my average monthly pay (there’s commission in this job), it is almost EXACTLY the same as what I was getting in SportSG! If I could turn back time, I would choose to do this again. My avg monthly pay is SLIGHTLY lesser than what I got in SportSG, but the experience that I’ve gotten is certainly way more than i could’ve imagined 🙂

Concerning this house that you are building, if you will walk in my statues and obey my rules and keep all my commandments and walk in hem, then I will establish my word with you, which I spoke to David your father. And I will dwell among the children of Israel and will not forsake my people Israel. (1 Kings 6:12-13 ESV)


Redeem One


About 6 months ago, PJ and I met to catch up and he shared with me his vision of Redeem One over lunch. I was excited but I don’t recall saying yes to be a part of it. 2 months after the meet-up, I see a WA group “Redeem Movement 2014” appeared in my WA. I was like “huh? win.” but I did it anyway 🙂

The conference ended yesterday, and today marks the first day of the movement; low and behold, I am eternally grateful to be a part of this vision. We saw God move from the first day of conference to the last day of conference – surely God is faithful. He met with the young people just as He has promised – “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.” and “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”. It is God’s promise to us to when we seek Him with all our hearts, He will be found by us. He will meet with us. And yes, we did right there at the conference. The spiritual atmosphere changed from what felt like a heavy dark cloud hovering above us on the first night, to a light hearted joyous celebration on the last night at the conference – it was simply amazing, and I could only stand in awe of what I saw.

In the words of PJ – “Finally. Finally the young people of R-AGE knows the true meaning of their youth group – to Redeem A Generation for Eternity.”. I am excited to think about R-AGErs growing in the Lord and R-AGE growing for the glory of God. Indeed every opportunity to serve in the youth ministry makes me want to go back to the ministry so much more, but I have so little capacity right now.

Lord, if it is Your will, I pray for greater capacity. Greater capacity to love the young people, greater capacity to have compassion for the young people, and greater capacity to minister in this area.

因为一个人的以为,十二个人的聚集,神创造了“Redeem One”的可能。

#liberate2013committee #girlsnightout


So we met for dinner after YAYP service today. We had dinner at Paragon’s Sushi Tei. We talked sooooo much, we lost track of time and we only realised it’s past 10pm when the lady came to tell us that they were closing.. Haha.. It’s true..

I really thank God for the opportunity to be in this committee and having known these girls. Honestly, we didn’t grow close until retreat started proper and it was only during retreat that we started to talk more and share deeper. It was through the prayer and intercession that brought us closer.. And of course not to forget those times that we “ganged up” to go against J.. Haha for fun luhh.. Not literal.. 🙂

I realised that all four of us don’t come from full Christian family… And it was really nice to get together to share about what God is doing in our lives. It encourages me to hear what God is doing in the lives of people around me.. Praying and hoping that our sharing and meetings won’t just stop at this time 🙂

God knows best

Ok, so my FYP mentor told me to meet her at 10am today in the lab. We were supposed to grow the cells today but it turned out that the cells weren’t growing very well—we’ll, at least the colonies couldn’t be seen and so because of that we weren’t able to grow any cells today. So we made new agar gels and that’s all for my lab today. It ended at about 10.45am.

Hmm, on one hand, I am quite sian that the cells didn’t grow because that means that we will have to do ligation again next week, and that would mean that more time is required for me to learn what I need to learn. On the other hand, I am thankful because I was worried yesterday (and still worried this morning) that I might need to stay late for lab and not able to make it for cell. I am leading worship today so I need to go to cell earlier! Haha yupp, so thank God that I can go to cell earlier today because of whatever that happened 🙂

I run for God. What about you?


I finally brought myself out for a run tonight… Running in NTU compound is an experience that I suppose I can get from nowhere else. I used to really hate running (well, I think I still dislike running), but I have a thing for running in NTU. I love the quiet moments, where there are few vehicles around, and not many people watching you. 

As I started to run, in fact every time I run, I am reminded of these verses.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

-Hebrews 12:1-2

Although these two verses are not new to me, because I am reminded EVERY TIME I run, but the Lord showed me things in my life right now and perhaps in the academic year ahead that I will need to deal with. 

The Lord revealed to me the issue of seeking man’s favour, and not God’s. It was then that I realise that I have always been feeling stressed about FYP because I was scared that I might not be able to win the favour of my mentor/profs/any other authority figures, hence not able to do well for my FYP. I was reminded of the importance of seeking God’s favour, and more importantly seeking God HIMSELF, above everything else. 

The Lord also brought to my mind the people in my life – those that will cheer me on and encourage me and support me throughout the race, and those that judge me and jeer while I am running. It’s so important that we have people in our lives that will cheer us on and support us when we are running this race. It’s always easy when we are running the downslopes in the race, but when we run the steepest elevating slopes in the race, it’s definitely tough but it’s always easier to finish that part if there are people to push us and run with us. It is just too scary to be running this race alone because we are most vulnerable when we are by ourselves. We can easily give up and decide to hop on the bus at the nearest bus-stop, or worse still, take a cab. No, we need to finish running this race with no short-cuts. 

God, I pray that You will teach me to run this race with perseverance. Help me to finish running this race and to never give up. Lord, You have marked out a different race route for all of us, so help me not to compare with others so that I may run my race well. Thank You, Lord. 

Workplace Ministry

I was excited at the thought of doing my attachment in the coming semester about 4 months ago.. it’s gonna be something different, getting out of school, away from the normal boring lectures.. well, it’s definitely gonna be great fun I thought.

After 2 months into it, I started to dread going to work.. there’s absolutely no motivation to go to work.. I have nothing much to do which makes things even worse.. but things changed that very day after finally deciding to go for lunch with my colleagues.

Even before IA started, I prayed that it won’t just be another internship opportunity, but an opportunity for God to reach the people that I will be interacting with. I want to evangelise at the very place that I will be placed in.

During lunch that day, I got to talk to this colleague whom I nickname Teddy (cos he really looks like it!). When walking over to the hawker, we were just talking about normal stuff, making fun of my sup cos he just got married…but on the way back, somehow, he shared that he went to church before and loves listening to the songs played in church! I was like “THANK GOD!” a door was opened for me to share the love of God in office, and when I invited him to my church, he even said he will visit someday by himself! Well, of course I told him that he could let me know if he’s coming so I can host him when he’s there 🙂

Indeed.. God is good. Imagine if I didn’t go for lunch that day, I would probably have never found out that he is opened to Christianity. Thank you SWJ for challenging me 🙂