And so we finally met after don’t know how many donkey years.. And if I remember correctly, the very last time the four of us met was my…16th birthday? Haha.. it’s true…

We were supposed to meet at Novena for Korean food to celebrate Jenna’s birthday, but we ended up at Northpoint’s Thai Express because they thought that it would be better for me to be nearer to Grandma (: Thanks guys!



Thank God for a friend like you!

ImageSo I finally met nana today after such a loooonnnngggg time.. It’s true that it’s been long.. We talked about soooooo many things today that we almost lost track of time, and it just shows how long we haven’t talked to each other. I really thank God for such a friend and sister in Christ that He has given me to pray with me, laugh with me, and do many other crazy things together..

Meeting with her today really made me think about several things, and reminded me of putting people as priority in my life. “If you love the person, you will make time for him/her no matter how busy you are.” I always said this to my younger ones in the past, and today, in the midst of all the things that I am doing, she reminded me of what I used to live by, and promised that I will always live by… Indeed nothing in this world, apart from God, is more important than the people around you.. Even if you don’t agree with this now, it’s my prayer that one day you will realise it.. (:

Ok, and so we talked about many other things, and one thing that I always enjoy, apart from the company, is really how honest we can be with each other, not having to worry about being judged by each other..

Well, I must say that it’s not easy to have a friend like this.. And it definitely takes time to keep this friendship going.. And I pray that our friendship will only continue to grow and serve to glorify God in one way or another.. (: Love you nana! ❤