Driving down the highway

Today is the first time I drove on the expressway! Well, it may not be a big thing to many, but I’d like to blog it down to remember the first time I’m driving past the 70km/hr mark. (:

Honestly, it was quite scary when I was about to enter the expressway because I’ve never driven past the 70 mark, not to say having to drive at 90.. It’s true.. I was excited but at the same tired slightly afraid because there’re other people in the car that are trusting me in my driving..

And guess what? Mayday (my mum) made me drive to Toa Payoh to fetch my sis back from her training..! Seriously, which parent would let their kid drive so far when she hasn’t even gotten her license for more than a month?! It s true… My mum…

Thank God nevertheless for bringing us back safely (: looking forward to my next ride!


First Drive!

Woohoo! First time driving on the road without any instructor, instead I was driving my mum and Nard! We went Khatib to buy durian, then went YCK to fetch my sis! hahah.. Really cool (: