You’re the God of this city 

The four of us went back to town again tonight, with heads held high, hoping to have some divine appointments like we had last week. But boy, we were so wrong. Tonight’s experience was nothing like what we experienced last week. AT ALL. 

After dinner at Cineleisure food court, we decided to go check out new ground – the skate park behind 313@Somerset. We were expecting a group of youths (people closer to our age) whom we might find easier to start a conversation and thereafter share the gospel to. On the contrary, it was pretty hard ground. A handful of them were skating and a pretty big group was sitting at the steps. The situation was pretty intimidating because there was only four of us – 3 girls, 1 guy – and most of the youths there were guys. We didn’t leave that place immediately. We sat down for awhile to analyze the situation, then we walked along the side of the skate park to exit and go to Ngee Ann City. 

When we left the skate park, we didn’t stop talking about how much potential that place holds. So we stopped by 313, just across the skate park to pray a short prayer to claim that territory for Christ Jesus. Then we continued on our walk to Ngee Ann City. 

Emotion check: by this time, I was already feeling abit sian. No mood, no feels already. 

Upon reaching Ngee Ann City, we settled down at the spot that we were at last week. It was already 9.30pm (I think) and I was thinking to myself “so late already and we haven’t even shared the gospel to anybody!” I was mega sian already. The only word on my mind was – FRUITLESS. All we’re doing is fruitless, useless. Nothing good will come out of what we are doing. Thank God for a discerning spirit to know that those thoughts were not from Him. I knew I had to speak and expose those thoughts before its tarts haunting me, so I did. Since it didn’t feel like there was much opportunity for the gospel to be shared, I thought we could just share how we all felt about this whole idea that we’ve started last week. 

So instead of trying, we spent the night sharpening instead. 🙂 then we decided to record some moments of what we’re trying to do, gonna share it and hopefully people catch a glimpse of what we’re trying to do. 

I thank God for the three of them. Thank God for the likemindedness and how we can identify with one another in the area of outreach and evangelism. 

Lord, we really don’t know how this is gonna work out. But if You’re calling us to do this and be faithful to this, give us vision so that we may see this through fruition. 


We go crazy (for Jesus)!

Two people rallied.

Dav and I were talking over lunch yesterday, and we found out that share the same heartbeat for outreach. In hope to try something new, we thought of a crazy idea (well, at least we thought it was quite crazy) to “busk” in town. Well to put it simply, it’s just singing in town to bless the souls who might pass us by. Needless to say, we got really excited and Dav almost wanted to go to town as soon as we ended our conversation! But we decided to rally some people to try this together. We tried to rally and manage to rally 2 other persons, Fen (she brought Pam) and Laine, who were surprisingly excited about the idea too! (Thank God for people who are easily excitable!) 

Five people tried.

So with that crazy idea and five crazy people, we met for dinner at Far East Plaza, prayed, and set off to a place we didn’t know where. I’m serious. We didn’t know where to go, only knew what we wanted to do. We just walked and walked and walked and walked (it kinda felt like when God called Abraham to go and he didn’t know where to go but went anyway. Haha)…. And a peculiar sight made us end up outside Taka – we saw three huge Samoyeds that are really beautiful! So that caught our attention and we decided to go towards that group of people there. 

We tried to settle down at an area near them and tried to start something but it all felt so awkward. Maybe because we really didn’t know what to expect and as Singaporean as we are, we are very used to structure. So a freestyle thing wasn’t really our style.. But we went ahead anyway. 

So Laine and I decided to just not waste anymore time and go to the dog owners and strike a conversation with them. A conversation regarding their dogs of course~ we managed to hold a conversation with them revolving around their dogs for almost 1.5h! There were so many moments we tried to bring in the gospel but it just didn’t feel right 😦 but thank God that Fen and Pam managed to share the gospel with the male owner! And we managed to extend an invitation to them to come to Watchnight tomorrow. So praying that God reveals himself to them tonight and bring them to watchnight tmr! 🙂

The couple left at about 10pm, and we continued hanging around to sing some songs for another 20 minutes, then we decided to end of the night by blessing an Indian family with “Feliz Navidad”. It was quite an interesting experience just to bless their souls with a simple song, and in hope that they will catch a glimpse of God’s goodness through that. 

Now we sharpen.

We’ve rallied, we’ve tried, now it’s time to sharpen the idea. Not sure how we’re gonna sharpen it yet but we’re planning to do it again next Thursday! Join us at the big space outside Takashimaya if you’re free and you have a heart for Jesus! 🙂 

A glimpse of God’s heartbeat

cos they were saying “upper rooooooom~”

Tonight’s Upper Room (R-AGE’s prayer meeting) was one kind of cool. We came with absolutely no agenda, and God moved like no other Upper Rooms we’ve had before. Perhaps because we came with no agenda, we came without any preconceived notion of what Upper Room should be like, we just came. Perhaps not knowing even what to expect. We just came. Seeking the Lord’s face and heartbeat for the ministry and our nation. We just came. 

“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

‭‭Acts‬ ‭2:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Perhaps tonight we caught a glimpse of what this means. Because we came.

Unleashed – APYAC 2015


love it when young people do silly things together ^^.

I’ve had the privilege to go to many conferences, even the widely known Hillsong Conference, I’ve been there twice. So I wasn’t feeling that positive or excited or whatever you call it, when I knew I was going to APYAC (Asia Pacific Youth-Alive Conference). Didn’t make things any better when the only thing I had in mind was to babysit the younger ones on the trip. But God changed my heart and my perspective, and I heard from God during the conference. I didn’t just hear from Him, He answered the only prayer I made on the first day of the trip – confirmation for my full-time call.

Everything that was shared in the conference resonated within me. Some call it missions, evangelism, discipleship, whatever you call it, I call it “bringing the gospel to the lost”. Bringing the gospel to the lost has always been the one thing that resonated within me since I came back to the Lord when I was 17.

I felt the burden and had the desire to serve God with my life when I was 19, and have always been praying for direction since then. I heard how many other people got their “confirmation” from God regarding their full-time call, and it made things so clear for them to go into full-time. I wanted the same “confirmation” so I prayed and asked God for the signs for me to enter full-time. Strangely, those things never happened. But everytime I prayed for those signs, I only hear God say “Why do you need them when you already know that I’ve called you?”. So after a while, I stopped praying those prayers, but one thing I never stopped asking for was my mum’s approval – and I received it about 5 months ago, which then led me to start pursuing my full-time call, starting as an intern in my own church.

Before APYAC, the one thing that I’ve always asked God is “Lord, what ministry/ which area do You want me to serve You in?” and this is THE one thing that I received from the Lord in APYAC 2015.

During one of the altar calls regarding a father’s blessings, I responded and I asked God for my own earthly father’s blessings for me to enter full-time. Just then, PJ came to lay hands on me and said “Let the Lord alone call you.” PJ, if you are reading this, thank you for being obedient to the Lord.

During another altar call, I felt God impress upon my heart the criticality of mentoring and discipling my sheep in 2016.

And the highlight for me in APYAC 2015 was when we prayed for the nations on the last day. I had the honour and privilege of carrying my nation’s flag because Leb was playing the drums for worship. And I really can’t deny that it was all planned neatly by the grace of God because it wasn’t pre-planned that Leb had to play drums that day, and if he didn’t have to play drums that day, he would be the one carrying the flag instead of me. Initially when I held the flag, I wasn’t feeling anything much until PJ came over behind me and said “Tiff, I’m so proud that you are carrying our nation’s flag.” Immediately, tears started to flow from my eyes. I was overwhelmed, man. Images of the critical groups of unsaved people in Singapore – people in gangs, prostitutes, elderly, and many more – flooded my mind. For the first time, I felt God’s heart for my nation. It was a huge and heavy burden. Then PJ released a word to me – “Stay faithful”. I couldn’t stop crying. It felt as though God, for the first time, turned on the tap of the reservoir that belonged to Singapore, and all the water gushed down from above into my mind then to my heart. And now, it’s the hands and feet that need to do the work that the mind and heart have received.

Lord, give me grace and mercy to do what You have called me to do. Take me and lead me wherever and however You will.


My daughter, walk with Me



I am into the third month of my internship with the church. Back to back overnight camps has been crazy stretching physically. I can’t deny anymore that age is catching up on me.

Work has been crazy but I am enjoying every bit of it. Tired, but I haven’t caught myself complaining (sometimes I do but it’s not with a negative connotation in it like I used to do) about it. I like the fast-paced style of work, I like the fact that I get to meet and journey with young people on work days, I like it that every week is not the same. Physically I am tired but I feel that I still have energy to keep going on.

Just when I thought that it’s ok to be physically tired (I just need to be spiritually on fire!), God spoke – “slow down and walk with me”. I think God knows that I am so caught up with working that I wouldn’t be able to hear Him even if He spoke to me, so He spoke to me through someone else. He caught my attention by speaking through a tangible being and reminded me with the six words.

Initially I was not sure whether that was for me because I didn’t feel that I am far from God. But just as I closed my eyes and started speaking in tongues, I saw a vision of God and I walking side by side, having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Then as I got excited by the things I saw in front, I ran forward and left God behind. He didn’t run after me, but called me back to Him. “My daughter, don’t go before Me or behind Me, just walk beside Me.”, I heard Him say.

Lord, thank You for Your undying and unconditional love. Thank You for the grace that You’ve showered upon my life. Thank you for calling me back to You even before I unknowingly run far away from You. Lord, keep me close to You.

Crazy Love: Foreword

I’ve done this “Crazy Love” series before with my youth cell three years ago, but I cannot really remember the content and learning points. 

The REAL180 youths received this book last Thursday and so did the committee – I got one too. The inertia was high to start reading it, because unlike the youths, I didn’t have to do a book review. I knew that reading this would feed my soul and if any of the youths came to ask about the book, I would know what they are talking about, so I decided that I would start reading it. 

It’s crazy. I’m only at the Foreword of the book and it’s already stirring something within me. Chris Tomlin wrote the foreword of this book and in it he quoted Acts 11:26 “The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.” The disciples didn’t name themselves; they were called (or named) “Christians” by those watching their lives. Could someone look at your life or look at my life and name me a Christian?

I caught myself reflecting upon my own life – whether it’s the cross that I’m wearing that shows people I’m a “Christian” or is it the way I behave that truly shows that I am a follower of Christ. I’d love to think that the latter is true of my life. 

Lord, help me to live this life worthy of being called Yours. 

Arise, shine, arise!

I can’t describe how honoured and privileged I feel when a youth opens up and shares about his/her life. And today, another youth did just that. 😌

“Sis tiff, can you share with me more about how you got your full time calling?” the youth asked. I was like 😳 “oh ok. Maybe after this?” 

So we spent about close to an hour, me sharing about my journey and the youth sharing about what’s on the youth’s heart. It’s amazing. It’s amazing what God is doing and exciting that young people are desiring to serve God full time at this age. 

Lord, guard their hearts and protect the calling that You have upon their lives.