1 month as an FYP student


I’m into the 2nd month of being a final year student and I think I’m slowly starting to feel the tension of juggling FYP and the other modules that I have this semester. I was enjoying FYP quite a bit but I guess I’m starting to feel frustrated because I’m not getting the results that I want, and I need those results.

Mid-terms are in 2 weeks’ time but there just isn’t enough time in one day to do that many things. Well, actually there is time to do many things in one day but too much time is spent in the lab. Really.

It’s 2126hrs now and I just left lab about 10 minutes ago.


God knows best

Ok, so my FYP mentor told me to meet her at 10am today in the lab. We were supposed to grow the cells today but it turned out that the cells weren’t growing very well—we’ll, at least the colonies couldn’t be seen and so because of that we weren’t able to grow any cells today. So we made new agar gels and that’s all for my lab today. It ended at about 10.45am.

Hmm, on one hand, I am quite sian that the cells didn’t grow because that means that we will have to do ligation again next week, and that would mean that more time is required for me to learn what I need to learn. On the other hand, I am thankful because I was worried yesterday (and still worried this morning) that I might need to stay late for lab and not able to make it for cell. I am leading worship today so I need to go to cell earlier! Haha yupp, so thank God that I can go to cell earlier today because of whatever that happened 🙂

Thought process after the first paper

I was totally depressed after the first paper yesterday. It was the first time in my entire life I felt so helpless at an exam. I could do the paper but I wasn’t sure of any of the answers at all. I kept praying but the more I prayed, the more frantic I got as I saw the clock ticking away…

Paper ended. I went back to hall, and I couldn’t bring myself to study for the next paper. So I watched shows, hoping that I might feel better afterwards. But, no. I didn’t. Cooked dinner, ate and slept thereafter. Slept at about 9-ish and woke up this morning at about 8.30..

Woke up, bathed, sat at my desk amd opened the 40DITW book. Did today’s devotion and headed to school to have breakfast and study.

As I was walking to school, I felt a tug in my heart. “Does it matter whether you do well for your exams? Regardless of whether you do well, you future is in good hands.”

“God, is that you?”

“It doesn’t matter whether you do well in your exams. Just do your best. Everything is in good hands.”

And I knew it was God. Yes, God doesn’t judge us based on how well we do for our exams. God doesn’t look at my GPA and then decide how much to love me. His love is unconditional. God doesn’t expect anything out of me; He only desires that I love Him and obey Him. And regardless of how well or how bad I do, if I put in my best in all that I do, God is glorified 🙂 and no matter what results I get, God can still use me the way He wants to.

Thank You Lord, for Your unconditional love. Thank You for never judging me for the end results but loving me despite my incapabilities. Thank You for never giving up on me. Thank You for being the only constant in my life.. Thank You…

Team 14 stayover

Thank God for the stayover in hall yesterday! 🙂 chatted till about 3am with the girls in our room, slept, and woke up for breakfast at can 13 together before training. Went hall 2 for training, went back hall to bathe, went can 2 buy food, wen src to watch guys finals, celebrated mei’s birthday 🙂 we had a lot of fun training together, eating together, and celebrating birthday together! Especially the games we played for team bonding and the bnj ice cream session. Haha..


The girls that slept together


Team 14 girls and 4 guys


Mei's birthday bnj ice cream


Eat from finger cos no spoon!

First time stitching a wound


Gahhhh… yesterday was the first time I went for stitches at the hospital (NUH). 4 stitches to be exact. I was playing a hockey match for ihg and the opponent’s stick hit my forehead. It’s the first time I lost so much blood. My whole jersey was soaked in blood.

When I reached the hospital, I was so scared that my skull was cracked or had internal bleeding.. I kept praying.. I went for an x-ray, thank God there wasn’t any crack (: then I went into a room for my wound to be stitched. I was TERRIFIED. Terrified of the LA,  the stitches… ): but it all happened.. and now I have one more story to tell (: haha..

Thank God nothing major thing happened.. (: