A new experience of doing redemption 

We went to Chinatown this afternoon to recce the place to see whether there were any #redemption opportunities. We had absolutely no idea where to go, no idea what to do, no idea how to do this, all we knew was we wanted to see redemption take place. We just walked around the place, praying and sensing the areas that we walked on… “This is so hard. Maybe the key to this is not to find a place but just to start doing it!” So we decided that we’ll just do it. 

Of course we were just like any other human – we were afraid! But what were we afraid of? I couldn’t find an answer to that. “Lord Jesus, help us! Give us courage!” And we went forth. 

“Uncle, 刚才看到你在推你的脚,是不是有哪里不舒服?” and our conversation continued from there, to finding out that he has cataract. We asked if we could pray for him to be healed of cataract, initially he was apprehensive, but eventually he agreed. So we prayed with him where he was (in mandarin 😱), and we tested whether he could see the POSB sign that’s about 10m away. He said he could see the POSB sign more clearly! (Though not completely clear) then he said “Wah! 你们很厉害嘞!” which then gave us the opportunity to testify that it’s God who has the power to do that and we were just mere vessels! 

We spent about an hour (I think) hearing from him, sharing with him, and most importantly, testifying of God’s power and goodness to him.

We’ll very likely be doing this again! So come talk to us if you’re interested to know more ie what happened, how did we feel, etc, and even better, let us know if you’re keen to join us on the next time! It’s exciting! 🙂 

Redemption is more than just about sharing the gospel; it’s sharing life and extending to others the love of God.


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