My daughter, walk with Me



I am into the third month of my internship with the church. Back to back overnight camps has been crazy stretching physically. I can’t deny anymore that age is catching up on me.

Work has been crazy but I am enjoying every bit of it. Tired, but I haven’t caught myself complaining (sometimes I do but it’s not with a negative connotation in it like I used to do) about it. I like the fast-paced style of work, I like the fact that I get to meet and journey with young people on work days, I like it that every week is not the same. Physically I am tired but I feel that I still have energy to keep going on.

Just when I thought that it’s ok to be physically tired (I just need to be spiritually on fire!), God spoke – “slow down and walk with me”. I think God knows that I am so caught up with working that I wouldn’t be able to hear Him even if He spoke to me, so He spoke to me through someone else. He caught my attention by speaking through a tangible being and reminded me with the six words.

Initially I was not sure whether that was for me because I didn’t feel that I am far from God. But just as I closed my eyes and started speaking in tongues, I saw a vision of God and I walking side by side, having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Then as I got excited by the things I saw in front, I ran forward and left God behind. He didn’t run after me, but called me back to Him. “My daughter, don’t go before Me or behind Me, just walk beside Me.”, I heard Him say.

Lord, thank You for Your undying and unconditional love. Thank You for the grace that You’ve showered upon my life. Thank you for calling me back to You even before I unknowingly run far away from You. Lord, keep me close to You.


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