Crazy Love: Foreword

I’ve done this “Crazy Love” series before with my youth cell three years ago, but I cannot really remember the content and learning points. 

The REAL180 youths received this book last Thursday and so did the committee – I got one too. The inertia was high to start reading it, because unlike the youths, I didn’t have to do a book review. I knew that reading this would feed my soul and if any of the youths came to ask about the book, I would know what they are talking about, so I decided that I would start reading it. 

It’s crazy. I’m only at the Foreword of the book and it’s already stirring something within me. Chris Tomlin wrote the foreword of this book and in it he quoted Acts 11:26 “The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.” The disciples didn’t name themselves; they were called (or named) “Christians” by those watching their lives. Could someone look at your life or look at my life and name me a Christian?

I caught myself reflecting upon my own life – whether it’s the cross that I’m wearing that shows people I’m a “Christian” or is it the way I behave that truly shows that I am a follower of Christ. I’d love to think that the latter is true of my life. 

Lord, help me to live this life worthy of being called Yours. 


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