Break my heart for what breaks Yours

Never experienced what it means to say “Lord break my heart for what breaks yours” as real as tonight. I was walking home and I saw an elderly man lying at the cross junction, beside a big truck. I walked closer and saw blood on his face and other parts of his body. His right knee was so badly scraped, the insides was exposed. Immediately I caught myself speaking in tongues. I didn’t know what to do. I was heartbroken. It was as though I heard God saying “pray for him. Pray for his soul. Pray for his salvation.” I didn’t have real words to pray, I could only pray in tongues. And when the paramedics came, I decided to continue walking home. Tears started to flow as I continued to pray for the man. 

Really. Nothing is as important as having a relationship with God. My heart yearns for young people to be equipped in sharing the gospel in mandarin and even better other dialects. There are too many people out there who cannot speak English, and we as the Church, needs to do something about it so that we may be effective in the extension of God’s kingdom. 


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