#liberate2013committee #girlsnightout


So we met for dinner after YAYP service today. We had dinner at Paragon’s Sushi Tei. We talked sooooo much, we lost track of time and we only realised it’s past 10pm when the lady came to tell us that they were closing.. Haha.. It’s true..

I really thank God for the opportunity to be in this committee and having known these girls. Honestly, we didn’t grow close until retreat started proper and it was only during retreat that we started to talk more and share deeper. It was through the prayer and intercession that brought us closer.. And of course not to forget those times that we “ganged up” to go against J.. Haha for fun luhh.. Not literal.. 🙂

I realised that all four of us don’t come from full Christian family… And it was really nice to get together to share about what God is doing in our lives. It encourages me to hear what God is doing in the lives of people around me.. Praying and hoping that our sharing and meetings won’t just stop at this time 🙂


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