No words can describe how I am feeling

As I received news that great grandma is going to pass on anytime soon, my spirit can’t help but to feel burdened about sharing the gospel with her. Yes, she may not be able to respond in usual ways like we normal human beings are able to anymore, but I really do believe that if God will make a way for her to hear the gospel before she leaves, God will also make a way for her to hear the gospel in some way or another, and even allow her to respond in her own ways. I don’t know how, but I believe God is bigger than any other. I really believe so.

I don’t know what to do now. I really want to share the gospel with her but I am so far away from her.

Dear God, I don’t ask that You bring her back to normal. Lord I only ask that You will keep her till she hears the gospel and responds to Your love before taking her away. Lord I don’t know what’s gonna happen in these few days before I get to see her, but Lord I still choose to believe that You have great plans for her, and I pray that You’d send a person to her to share Your love with her. God it is Your desire that all mankind be saved, so God, I want to claim this for great grandma’s life. God I pray that You will save her soul from eternal punishment, and let her be able to enjoy eternity with You. God this is my earnest prayer unto You. 
In Jesus’ name I pray,


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